5 o’clock Vodka Review

5 o’clock vodka is considered to one of the most regrettable vodkas out on the market. It’s inexpensive and lights your throat on fire.  I am not fond of this vodka at all, but I will say it gets the job done.  Be cautious of 5 o’clock for it is made for the drinkers with iron stomachs.  I believe it is bottled right out of the still.  5 o’clock smells like rubbing alcohol mixed with sugar.  It also taste like rubbing alcohol mixed with sugar.  It doesn’t have a clean taste at all.  Mixing 5 o’clock with juice makes makes it more tolerable but you still know what you drinking and know you could do better.

Like I said, it does get the job done.  Every time I have drunk it, I felt the effects quicker than with other vodkas.  I rarely receive hangovers so I can’t answer any questions about hangovers.  I consider 5 o’clock the vodka of choice to people who want to get drunk inexpensively.  I think of 5 o’clock like the Hyundai Accent.  Although cheap, it does get you from point A to B.  Even though you don’t have any power windows or a radio, you will make it to work on time just like everyone else.

When I drink, I am drinking for the effects of the alcohol; not necessarily the taste.  I don’t know anyone that likes drinking alcohol because it taste good.  If thats a fact then its some type of aged whiskey. I would prefer smoother vodkas or any type of liquor that mixes well, but after drinking with Tay Lotus I might as well drink straight.  Give me the strongest liquor you have; that way I can drink only 2 or 3 shots.  I can return to the matter at hand instead of worrying about my next drink.  So if you are a 5 o’clock drinker I will not shun you, because I will ask for a glass.  The goal of drinking is to get drunk, right?

Final Thought

Dissatisfied – 2